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I was born in Gary, IN in 1980 to Dora Williams and James Chatfield. My parents faced many challenges, but their grit and determination to overcome the economic and social challenges of the 1980’s Gary, IN is partly what drives me to serve. My grandparents played a pivotal role in my life teaching me the values of the working class, with both of my grandfather’s having to migrate from the south to work in the Steel Mill industry. Those lessons included working hard at all I do and looking out for my neighbors. This is what lead me to a life of public service, doing what I can to fight for low income and working-class families. Having the opportunity serve on the Wayne Township Advisory board gives me the chance to make a positive impact on the quality of life of Wayne Township and Speedway residents.

Important Issues

All of Us Together

Responsive Government

Our goal is to make sure government is responsive to the needs of local citizens and work with them to improve our neighborhoods. The only why we do this is by engaging residents every day, and not only during election season. I believe in doing this, we begin to reestablish the broken trust between residents and government.

Resource Distribution

Ensure resources are distributed in a timely, efficient, and effective manner. During this time in America it is extremely important that residents are receiving the resources need to prevent tragedies such as mortgage defaults and evictions.

Access to Transportation

Our goal is to improve access to frequent, reliable, and safe transit. I understand how it feels to have to depend on public transportation, having at one-point in life use public transportation to make it to a job by 7am, which was more 25 miles away.

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